OCC Seeks a New Senior Minister

Update from August 2018: OCC is thrilled to welcome Jeff Larson as its Senior Minister.


A New Chapter

OCC is excited about the search for a new minister, and an effective leader and preacher will find a great opportunity to join us on our faith journey and to build programs and membership. This church holds much promise and our committed, loving and supportive congregation is ready to follow a new spiritual leader.

The Pastoral Search Committee has thoughtfully compiled a summary for potential new ministers. In it, readers will find details about OCC's history and members, results from a 2016 survey of the congregation, and a full job description for a senior minister. 

A Letter from The Pastoral Search Committee

OCC's Pastoral Search Committee is committed to recruiting a new senior minister who will be a strong spiritual leader to our congregation, who is approachable, friendly, and a thoughtful and inspiring preacher. To a person, each member of the search committee has a deep love for our unique church family, and is looking forward to this process.

We welcome your inquiry and we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience. We’ll be happy to share with you some of the energy and warmth that makes Ozaukee Congregational Church so special.

May Christ’s love guide and bless you,

The Pastoral Search Committee
Steve Bersell
Rebekah Barsch
Jim Kuist
Stacey Murray
Tim Nolan, Chair
Matt Partridge
Sally Prodoehl
Nancy Wilkinson